Unstoppable Foundation

  • P.O. Box 877 Agoura Hills, CA 91376-0877
  • 805-241-1730



The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and impoverished communities.
The Unstoppable Foundation’s proven model not only builds schools but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for parents.

Here’s how it work:

1. They inspire people with the vision of bringing education to every child and empower them with the tools and the platform to enroll others to give and become a part of the solution.

2. They maximize individual donations by pooling them to focus on key outreach projects that produce far greater impact than individual gifts.

3. They then work hand in hand with in-country partners with established track records to implement, administer, monitor and complete our projects utilizing The Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education™ model.

4. They manage and track projects from beginning to end and when a project is completed, we provide donors with photos and a report on the children and the community that has been impacted by their donation.

The Founder:

Cynthia Kersey is the Chief Humanitarian Officer of the Unstoppable Foundation whose mission is to ensure that every child on the planet receives access to the life-long gift of education.

Cynthia is a leader in the transformational industry. She’s the bestselling author of two books, “Unstoppable” and “Unstoppable Women”, a collection of powerful stories and strategies from people who through perseverance and consistent action turned obstacles into personal triumph. These books have motivated countless readers with over 500,000 copies sold worldwide in 17 languages.

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