School of Intuitive Studies

  • 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302, USA
  • (720) 593-1467
  • 9am - 5pm M-F



Are you someone who knows there is something more for you to be in this life?Perhaps you have been challenged by overwhelming feelings of fear, guilt, doubt or loneliness? Do stress, disconnection, confusion, and events from your past seem to have a debilitating influence on your current life and choices?You know there is a way to find peace from the heaviness. You know there is a way to overcome hurdles to get to YOUR answers. What’s missing is how to find the way.We are in an era where just paying the bills isn’t enough. More and more, we want to make a difference in life: seeking purpose, meaning, fulfillment and calling. Taking an ’empty’ job just doesn’t cut it for the purpose-seeker. Living disconnected from Divine Source isn’t satisfying for the pioneer of true love.Many of us find ourselves caught in living a life of “shoulds” instead of making decisions and life choices from a place of true desire and clarity.Perhaps you feel this way too? Anytime we make a choice based on a “should,” instead of listening to our very true, inner voice, we find ourselves in conflict.Our path to true happiness and peace must include operating from our inner knowing vs. outside pressures or advice.If these words resonate anywhere in your mind, heart or body, then you are seeking Divine Living. Divine Living from a place of being connected to Source in your daily life, with a strong intuition about your soul’s purpose on this earth.

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