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Emily Pearson is a true renaissance woman.  She is a Multipassionate, Multitalented, and Multipotentialite all in one.  An actor, author, speaker, dancer, singer, writer, and producer of many things cool.

Emily authored her own memoir in 2011, affectionately called,  “Dancing With Crazy” in order to shed light on the complexities of growing up in a Morman family with a Gay father who died of AIds when Emily was 13.

Dancing with Crazy is the true story of her personal derailment, both horrifically and humorously demonstrating what happens when mindless obedience to religious authority supersedes plain old common sense.  After nearly losing her mind several times over, she unravels the story of how she began to disentangle herself from toxic and narcissistic personalities, walked away from a crippling religion, and finally learned to think, act and live for herself.

It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming – an inspiring story filled with religious fundamentalists, transvestites, AIDS, love, abuse, obsession, visions, cock socks, sex, Satan, and salvation.

Prior to her memoir, Emily had created the famous children’s book “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed” which has enriched parents and children’s hearts as she tells the tale of a young girl whose acts of kindness create a wonderful butterfly effect on all involved.

In addition, to her list of accomplishments she has authored “Emotional First Aid Kit For The Holidays”; and co-authored the book “Fuzzy Red Bathrobe: Questions From the Heart for Mothers & Daughters.”

Emily also works as an actress, director and producer – currently for the YouTube channels WigglePop and Funpop!

You can find all her books on her Amazon page here:   https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001K8EL9M

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