SheEO – Radical Generosity, By Women for Women

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 9am - 6pm M-F


SheEO is a global initiative to radically transform how we finance, support, and celebrate female entrepreneurs who are building new mindsets, models and new solutions that benefit humanity.

Our model brings together 500 women (we call them Activators) in each cohort, who contribute $1100 each as an Act of Radical Generosity. The money is pooled together and loaned out at low interest to 5 women-led Ventures selected by the Activators.  Your $1100 contribution is a gift that will keep on giving as it’s paid back into the fund and loaned out again. It is not a transaction where you get your money back, it’s a pay-it-forward relationship that keeps on giving.

Activators are corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, emerging women leaders, students, mothers, grandmothers, daughters ranging in age from 14 – 92. Our diversity of age, stage, culture, and experience makes SheEO a highly coveted and unique community.

Loans are paid back into the fund over 5 years and then loaned out again, which creates a perpetual fund that we will pass on to our daughters, granddaughters and our nieces.

At SheEO we trust the intuition of 1000s of women over a few experts in the room to decide on ‘winners’ and we build a trusting environment of support based on radical generosity.  All Ventures are revenue generating with export potential creating a better world through their business model or their product and service.

Our goal is to reach 1M Activators, 10,000 women-led Ventures and a $1B perpetual fund to support women for generations to come.

We help Women Get Funded
By helping more women get funding we are helping those businesses create a better world through their social, global and sustainable business models
Most VC funding goes to men, by bringing more funding to women owned businesses we are helping to event the playing field
Our Radical Generosity is a different program which asks for women to donate $1100 dollars which then gets pulled into a financially sustainable system for future funding.

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