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How to Claim Your Business Listing in The Radical Female Directory

Congratulations on having your business added to the directory! We are super excited to get to know you better, check out your listing, and support you anyway we can to grow your business, but first you must Claim Your Business.

Here is our step-by-step process to: Claim Your Business.

  1. Enter your business name in the search box on the home page.
  2. This will take you to your business listing on the industry page chosen for you.
    Click anywhere inside your business listing to be taken to your personal business listing page.
  3. Click the “Own this Business?” button from your own listing page.
  4. Create a user name, enter a valid email, and contact number to the popup box, then check the Captcha box and hit the “Submit” button.
  5. Wait for the Directory Admin to verify your claim (usually happens right away but may take up to 24 hours).
  6. Once verified, you will receive an email with your login credentials and the next steps to become a member in the directory.

Please note: You will need to become a member if you want to keep your listing in the directory, make changes to your listing, or take advantage of our Featured Offerings which we know you will like! Memberships start at $11 a month.

To your radical success!

Claim Your Business

Aimee and the Radical Female Team

Once you become a member you can update your listing to your specifications. You can change your image, your business description, and your title, you can also choose new categories to list your business under … whatever you need to change to make it look and feel right for you is doable.  If you choose a Premium Package you can even add a video to your business listing page.

As it stands, we have given all listed business owners a two-week free trial. If you don’t claim your business within those 2 weeks your business listing will expire.

If you would like to keep your listing in the Directory you will need to choose one of our Standard or Premium Subscription Packages.

Our Standard Subscription Package is only $11 a month.

Our Premium Package is only $15 dollars a month.

We tried to make this affordable for everyone.  You also have the option to purchase some of our Featured items, such as featuring your business on our Home Page or offering a special deal to prospective buyers, post or applying for a job or posting and filling an event. This is all easily done once you are a member.  And, the best part, we have loads of new features that will be coming out each month, such as our Members Spotlight where we highlight your business to our following on our social media pages, in our Newsletter, on a Facebook Live Show.

To view all our Pricing Options, go HERE. To view our Featured Options, go HERE.