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Get maximum exposure for your business by taking advantage of some of our advertising opportunities. With thousands of daily visitors to the Directory, including all the business owners searching for services and products for themselves, placing an ad in the right spot can be a nice way to gain greater visibility for your brand and business.

We offer three Advertising Options:

Option One: For $1 dollar a day for 30 days you can feature your business on the Directory’s Home Page. This is the first page visitors see when they visit us! This option is offered to you before check out.

Option Two: For $40, you can place an ad for your business or service in the right-hand column of your Industries Main Page. This is a great way to get noticed quickly by someone searching the Directory for a business or service in your field.

Option Three: For $120, you can place a Big & Bold Banner Ad for your business or service as the head banner on your Industries Main Page. This is taking it up a notch and will definitely get your business noticed!


Our Barter and Trade feature comes with every subscription package and is ideal for new business owners on a limited budget and in the building stages of their business. This is the place where you can offer free services or products in exchange for services or products you desire. You can also make a request for a service or product if you don’t see anything listed that is desired or needed.

Please note: We do not monitor the quality of services or products offered in this space so do your due diligence before committing to a trade. Barter and Trades are on the honor system. We trust that you will use this opportunity wisely. It is the sole responsibility of the two parties exchanging a trade to come to agreed upon terms and conditions.


Our Collaborative Partnerships comes with every package. You’ve probably heard the saying, “we are better together.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve created Collaborative Partnerships.

If you have ever found yourself daydreaming about finding a good partner, a woman with heart and soul and the ability to do great work; someone you might even call your “bestie” on occasion in the right circumstances. Or, if you have ever wondered what type of money you could make by joining your business with another complementary business, then Collaborative Partnerships is the place to be!

This is where you can make a request, browse existing requests, and get to know women who are open to the possibility of collaboration. By pulling collective resources, influence, and lists together you can go big on specific launches or programs.

Male entrepreneurs have proven that this system works exceptionally well. Many male partnerships have generated millions of dollars. Female entrepreneurs (historically speaking) are not as good at this. Women business owners tend to feel they need to do it all themselves. This has cost women further business growth.

But, finding the right partner to collaborate with can be tricky. It’s not easy reaching out to another business owner. This process can feel a little desperate, a little needy and isn’t always well received.

It’s time to change this for women because the right partnerships can be a defining moment in any woman’s career. And, you should not have to do this alone!

Collaboration can take on many forms. Some of the collaborative partnerships we support are the following:

Joint Venture: A Joint Venture is when two or more individuals or companies come together to form a collaboration. Often the joint venture creates a separate business entity, to which the owners contribute assets, have equity, and agree on how this entity may be managed. The new entity may be a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership.

In other cases, the individual entities retain their individuality and they operate under a joint venture agreement. In any case, the parties in the JV share in the management, profits, and losses, according to a joint venture agreement (contract).

Joint ventures are often entered into for a single purpose, like a production or research activity. But they may also be formed for a continuing purpose.

Affiliate: Affiliate Partnerships are a great way for a business to leverage its products or services by signing up “Affiliates” to sell on their behalf. Proceeds from the sales are split with an agreed upon percentage.

Expert Exchange: Expert Exchange is exactly how it sounds. Exchanging expertise with another person. We can’t be good at everything. For instance, if you are a technical genius but not a marketing genius and there is a marketing genius who hates everything technical, you may want to have an Expert Exchange. You pay each other for your services or do a trade. This is similar to a Joint Venture only the work produced is typically owned by only one business owner.


Do you have an event or retreat you would like to promote and fill? Our Events page is a great way to do that! You can create an event, add a video to help you promote that event and market your event to our entire community! You also have the option to feature your event on our Home Page for added visibility.

But, what about for you? Don’t you also need an event or retreat to attend for personal or business reasons? Of course you do! In today’s isolated entrepreneurial world, it’s important to make time for yourself and for face-to-face interactions with other people. This is especially true for solopreneurs who work from home. It’s easy to feel alone when you spend so much time by yourself. Often our personal friends and family are not entrepreneurs and might not understand us or be able to provide relevant business support.

Therefore, the best friends to have are those who understand and appreciate the work that you do, which means Business Beasties! But, you must get out of your PJs once in a while to meet them. People who can sympathize with your struggles and celebrate your gains. It’s important to know, you are not alone.

We will have three opportunities for you to meet other women business owners face-to-face. This feature will be coming soon!

Industry Meetups: Industry Meetups come with every package and are local gatherings with business owners in your industry or area. These meetings are opportunities to share insights and information about your industry’s trends and keep each other informed on the latest and greatest happenings in your field. Hint: This is also a nice way to meet potential collaborative partners.

Avalon Circles: As legend would have it, King Arthur traveled to the Island of Avalon (a utopian paradise) to heal from his battle wounds. Wounded English Knights traveled there as well in attempts to put aside their political differences and create a place of cohesiveness, a place of wholeness.

The normal inhabitants of the Island were all women and considered to have mystical and sacred powers…

As business owners, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working too hard and ignoring everything else in your life. In many instances, our work takes over our lives. But, we know this is an unsustainable system that creates burn-out, guilt, stress, and depression.

So, we have decided to create a gathering, only we call it a circle, much like King Arthur’s Roundtable, to help you avoid this. Avalon Circles, like its namesake, were designed to help women create cohesiveness or wholeness in their lives.

These are monthly gatherings in local areas with pre-determined agendas intended to help you focus on the OTHER important stuff in your life.

With the simple price of $30 a month for the months you attend, you can choose which topics are of most interest to you. Each month is designed to cover a different major life topic.

At every gathering, you will review, discuss, and explore the topic of the month lead by our special Area Directors. (You can apply to be an Area Director once you have submitted your listing in the Directory)

There are 12 topics to cover the 12 months of the year.

These topics are:

  • Character Development | Intellectual Development | Emotional Development
  • Spiritual Development | Career Development | Happiness | Parenting
  • Weight Loss and Fitness | Travel and Leisure | Health and Beauty
  • Love and Intimacy | Money and Finance

Annual Event: Our Annual Event is designed to bring every business owner in the directory together for one major event hosted once a year. These events will take place at various locations around the world. We will bring in Experts, Speakers, Programs, Networking, plus lots of other fun and excitement. Stay tuned for pricing and more information about our Annual Events.

Note: We will run our Meetups, Avalon Circles and Annual Events based on the level of interest, so stay tuned for a later announcement once the directory is at maximum capacity.


Our Featured Offers and Deals is a great place to offer a discount to prospective buyers.

This is the place to get your product, service, or program seen by thousands of daily visitors including our female business owners looking for specific services. This is a wonderful opportunity to get sales quickly, to offload old product, to post an introductory offer, or to find beta testers for a new course or offering.

There are two Featured Deal options to choose from:

Option One: For $10.00 for one week you can feature a special deal or offer on our Deals Page.

Option Two: For $20.00 for one month you can feature a special deal or offer on our Deals Page.

There are different types of deals you can offer, it’s entirely up to you.

Betas – A special offer to a select group of individuals (usually restricted to a certain number) who are willing to try something that may or may not be complete for a reduced price and who offer feedback of your work or process.

Bogos – Buy one, get one free

Coupons – Coupon codes you can use to give a discount on something specific.

Introductory offers – A discount price for introducing a new product, service, or program.

One-Offs – A one-time only huge discount on a product, service, or program never to be offered again. This is a great way to unload older products which are still good, to make room for newer products.

Misc. – Don’t see the type of deal you wish to offer? Use our Miscellaneous section to list your deal.

You can also provide a direct link to your Sales or Registration page so buyers can purchase your deal right from the Directory. Now that’s awesome!


Tired of reading fluff and nonsense? Craving a good read with more guts and grit? Check out or our Radical Blog page, or our Recommended Books in our Resources area. Or, reach out to us at if you would like to be a contributing author.


Is your business growing? Are you looking to expand your team? Are you ready to hire your first Virtual Assistant? Or, are you looking to supplement your own business development by working for someone else for a while?

If any of these questions pertain to you, then our Job Postings Area has your name all over it. Here you can post for a specific job you need to be filled, look through our classifieds to see what’s out there or find a job for yourself. And the best part, you are sure to either hire a woman or work for a woman – contributing to our sustainable system of reciprocity. Our Job Postings area comes with every subscription.


Radical Resources are available to all business owners and includes:

Female Organizations to Explore: We have amassed a wonderful list of organizations just for women. Many of these organizations provide business support, business networking, tools and resources, plus a whole lot more.

Recommended Online Courses, Masterminds, Accelerators and Incubators: If you are an online education junkie, this a good list to check out. There are some wonderful online courses and programs for you to preview. Trying to find some of these through Google can be difficult, but not in the Radical Female Directory! We have listed some of our favorites to get you started but this list will continue to grow. If you have an online course, mastermind, accelerator or incubator that you would like to add to this list, please reach out to us at

Specialized Communities for Minority Women: Are you a Black, Latina, Native American, or Jewish woman? If so, you need to know about our Specialized Communities List.

Funding Resources for Women-Owned Businesses: We have an A-Z list of funding resources for women business owners. This is a list of businesses that either specialize in funding women exclusively or favor female entrepreneurs in general.

Plus, more to come…