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Why We Created The Radical Female Directory:

Radical Female Directory

Aimee Avalon – Radical Female

The Radical Female Directory exists to help support, promote, and sustain female business owners.

The Internet is an overwhelming space. As more businesses enter the on-line scene it is harder to find those businesses. Consequently, this is contributing to the percentage of businesses failing to succeed. Without excellent Search Engine Optimization, social media expertise, and a large marketing budget, the average business owner has a very small chance of getting her business in front of the people who need her most.

By listing your business in the Radical Female Directory, those who really need what you provide have a better chance of finding your business. You also have an easier way to find the services and products you need.

This is what we call a Self-Sustaining System of Reciprocity.

Self-Sustaining System of Reciprocity:

Overall, women account for nearly 85% of all consumer purchases. By using the immense purchasing power of women to buy products and services from other female-owned businesses, we become a self-sustaining system of reciprocity as a result.

Women business owners buying from other women business owners….

How it Works:

The Directory has 27 Main Business Industry Categories. Within each category, there are subcategories. Women listing their businesses in our directory can choose the sub categories that better define their product or service.

Typically speaking, women tend to build businesses and services for other women. For those female-oriented businesses, they are automatically reaching their target market in the Directory. This means they now have another system for targeting women, hopefully replacing the need for expensive Facebook Ads.

Amazing Features:

Scheduled Appointments – Appointments can finally be made right from the Directory for businesses that provide coaching, consulting, counseling, and other scheduled services.

Product Purchases – Buyers can be sent directly to your Sales Page to purchase both digital and physical products. 

Job Postings – Dealing with growing pains? In need of a savvy, cool Virtual Assistant? So now you can post and apply for jobs in our Job Posting Area.

Special Deals and Offers – You can create, promote, and sell your special deals in our Deals section. These can be one-time offers, beta programs, Introductory offers, grand openings, or product discounts. Whatever type of deal you wish to sell.

Collaborative Partnerships – The Collaborative Partnership area is a place for women to request and find business partners, such as Joint Ventures, Affiliates, Industry Collaborations, and Expert Exchanges.

Barter and Trade – Our Barter and Trade area allows women to trade services or products for other desired needs. This is a great place for women just starting out who have limited budgets.

More Amazing Features:

Advertising Opportunities – Get maximum exposure for your business by taking advantage of some of our featured advertising opportunities, including our beautiful banner ads on your industries main page.

Networking Opportunities We will have both local and global networking events, and also industry related meet-ups.

Special Events Do you have an event or retreat you would like to promote and fill? You can both find and fill events in the Directory.

Radical Resources – We have several resources available for your use. Such as a list of female organizations to join, plus recommended on-line courses for new and experienced business owners. In addition, a list of specialized communities for minority women, and an A-Z list of funding resources for female businesses. Plus, much more to come.

Find Your “Right” Business – Some of us need a little help in this area, not everyone gets it right the first time. The Find Your Right Business (known as the Rad Academy) is an 8-week online course and coaching program. As a result, this course helps smart, talented  women find an ideal business based on their “Greatest Potential.” This course was created by Aimee Avalon (the Founder of the Directory) to bring more female entrepreneurs into the marketplace.

Avalon Circles – Avalon Circles are monthly in-person meetings formed in local areas designed to help women connect, support, and collaborate with one another while working on 12 essential areas of their lives:

Character Development Health and Beauty
Intellectual Development Weight Loss and Fitness
Emotional Development Love and Intimacy
Spiritual Development Travel and Leisure
Career Development Parenting
Happiness Money and Finance

If leading groups and personal development is something you enjoy, apply to become a District Director in your area. Do this once you list your business in the Directory.

Increase Your On-line Presence:

By adding your business profile to the Radical Female Directory, you are advertising to the world about your business. Reaching thousands of daily visitors searching this site. In addition, you are also advertising to other female entrepreneurs who are in need of the services. And consequently, you are organically increasing your SEO rankings.


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